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Within a week of the gavel pounding at the Paris Climate Accord Sirona deployed six new stations to supply clean, affordable electricity to 600 more homes in Haiti.  We have been working towards this deployment for six months with goods delayed in customs for most of that period.  Today though 600 homes now have access to electricity.


In addition to bringing an electricity solution our program created six new small business that provide recharging of battery kits called “Ti Soley” (“Little Sun” in creole) kits.  These businesses collect a rental fee each month that is less than the prices households already pay for kerosene.  This means that the environment is improved by lowering kerosene consumption in rural Haiti and village economics are improved by keeping the money that would have gone to the kerosene market in their local economy.

In Paris on December 12th delegates from 195 countries committed to lower greenhouse gas emissions, and the following week in rural Haiti a small step was taken towards that goal.

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