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12346473_968110443262632_6353387216766760745_nIt takes money to establish programs in developing countries, but they won’t thrive if local people are not engaged and trained to succeed.  Sadly much money is lost on projects that don’t capitalize on building local capacity.

From the beginning Sirona has designed our programs with local partners.  We didn’t just ask if they liked the programs, we worked with them to create and customize the business plans.  As we replicate our program in new countries we work with the local partners to determine what customizations their communities will need for the program to succeed.  Our programs work because of that input.  In addition, the equipment we use is streamlined and specifically designed for local technicians to be able to understand and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.  The Ti Soley kits are designed to be simple, durable and reliable.



Our manufacturing partners, Day and Night Solar and Wagan Tech have been invaluable to us.  This past week we deployed our first six Day and Night SC1500 systems and 600 new Ti Soley kits.  Five of
the six solar stations can tie into the Haitian grid, and one was a solar stand-alone system.  Day and Night Solar sent a technician to train our local
technicians.  There is a craving in Haiti and other developing countries for this type of training.  The technicians can now communicate any issue with Day and Night Solar, and because the equipment is warranted solutions will be found for anything that goes wrong in the future.

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