Welcome to Sirona’s New Site!


IMG_4377Welcome to the new Sirona website!  We have been blessed by the generosity of the talented people at LOOK Agency who worked for months to create this beautiful new site for us.  It is incredibly exciting to see our story told with clarity and cohesion, and we hope you enjoy visiting often to watch our progress.

As a nonprofit it’s tough to balance the need for tools like a beautiful website, and the expense of such a site, when you are managing donor funds.  By donating this site LOOK has not only provided us with a critical tool, but also kept donor funds flowing towards the programs that change lives by bringing energy in developing countries.   We are very grateful to the brilliant LOOK team and our amazing volunteer Kim who brought our story to life here.  Watching the site go live was a thrill I will remember always, and I hope that a bit of Haitian art will help the team remember the good that they have done as well.


Impact Study Undertaken in Haiti


IMG_4229The impact of adding light to homes without energy access is difficult to quantify.  There are obvious health benefits when electric light replaces noxious kerosene lanterns, the fumes of which are equivalent to 40 cigarettes per day to the people in the home.  There are educational benefits, we know that children can study more; we know that commerce can continue into the evening hours, that birthrates drop, and that lifestyles can be enhanced by radios, increased communications, etc.  The popularity of our program tells us that it makes life “better”, but what we needed to understand was exactly how it is better, and how much better. more

Webinar Panelist: Towards Energy Access in Haiti


IMG_8736The Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with the United Nations Foundation’s Energy Access Practitioner Network, hosted a January 16th webinar to showcase work underway in Haiti to support energy access using off-grid renewable energy. more

Silver Jefferson Award Winner: Michelle Lacourciere


On November 6, 2013 San Francisco’s CBS local station KPIX, selected Sirona’s Founding Director as a recipient of the prestigious Jefferson Award Jefferson Award Winner: Michelle Lacourciere « CBS San Francisco.   more

Sirona’s Year at a Glance: 2013



As the year ends our team wishes to thank all of our donors and supporters.  It has been another amazing year for Sirona full of challenges and accomplishments. more

Jatropha Program Coming to Fruition


Sirona started fighting poverty with energy through a jatrohpa-based biofuel program.  Since 2009 we have been working with small farmer cooperatives starting nurseries to plant Jatropha shrubs.  The seeds from Jatropha plants are 40% oil that is so low in glycerine it can be filtered and used in a diesel engine.  The planting program has been hugely successful with over 1,000 farmers enrolled and over 300,000 trees planted to date. more