Sirona is a non-profit foundation dedicated to fighting poverty around the globe by improving access to energy. We’re committed to sustainability, transparency, and an entrepreneurial approach to development. It’s not about handouts, it’s about helping people help themselves.


Rather than charity, we provide economic empowerment. Our models are designed to avoid dependence by putting the tools to generate power directly in the hands of the people we serve. This enables them to keep precious wealth inside their community for the greater good.

Our model is sustainable in every sense of the word. Not only does each project generate the revenue to cover local management and maintenance costs, making it an economic multiplier, but it helps to reduce ecological damage.

Our approach isn’t just theory. It’s a proven model that’s already working in some of the poorest communities in Haiti.


Michelle Lacourciere

Executive Director and Board Member

Michelle Lacourciere is the Executive Director of The Sirona Foundation. She is responsible for overseeing and advancing the vision of Sirona, ensuring that our international programs are sustainably designed, adequately resourced, and achieving the desired results. Michelle works in the San Francisco Bay area and travels to Haiti every eight weeks.

Angela Koblitz

Director of Special Projects

Angela supports the Sirona team by assisting with special projects. Her key project is development of the children’s tri-lingual library in Haiti, however her fluency in French and administrative skills allow her to add value to many projects.

Brian Lehnen

Board Member

Brian co-founded the Village Enterprise Fund, an organization that successfully transforms lives in Eastern Africa by developing small businesses. Brian’s wealth of experience in development work makes him a major asset to the Sirona team.

David Becker

Board Member

David has extensive experience with strategic planning and developing countries, including Haiti. David guides Sirona’s effort to bring our programs to scale in Haiti and beyond.

Thera Kalmijn

Board Member

Thera began working on Haiti-related projects following the 2010 earthquake. She has been serving on the Sirona Board since 2012 assisting with growth strategy and guiding the organization’s development.

Paul Lacourciere

Strategic Advisor

Paul uses his extensive knowledge of alternative fuels and sustainable development practices to advise the Sirona Team as we implement new programs in developing countries.

Gerold Guillaume

Lead Technician, Haiti

Gerold trains Sirona’s system operators and maintains all of our solar equipment, making monthly visits to each solar charging station to guarantee that everything is functioning properly.

Gilbert Jules

Haiti Manager

Gilbert manages the Sirona solar program in Haiti that provides basic energy to 1,400 homes. He works with the communities that participate and ensures that the program is running smoothly.

Saint Jean Illace

Lead Agronomist

Saint Jean has been managing the Jatropha program for four years. He starts the nurseries and distributes seedlings to participating farmers. Under his leadership the program has planted over 300,000 trees.


We partner with the following organizations to achieve our mission.



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For more information, feel free to download our annual reports.

2012 Sirona Annual Report

2011 Sirona Annual Report


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